COVID-19 Rules & Measures

Last updated: May 26, 2022

Format of the school

The school is being organised as an in-person event to ensure the best possible experience for all participants. There are no plans to organise the school for hybrid (online & in-person) participation.

Participation at the event

The International HPC Summer School 2022 will require all in-person attendees, presenters, instructors, mentors and staff to be fully vaccinated. You are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after the last dose in your complete vaccine series. On arrival at the school venue, you must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

The organizers highly recommend that participants conduct an antigen self-test before travelling to Greece, and refrain from travel if one tests positive for COVID-19. This is not compulsory (we will not check results) but simply a sensible precaution for the convenience of everyone participating in the school. Antigen self-tests can also be requested at the summer school (please ask at registration).

While mask-wearing is no longer mandatory during the indoor settings of the school, the organizers strongly recommend that participants wear face masks indoors apart from active presenters and at meals.

Travelling to Greece

As of May 1st 2022 and for as long as the epidemiological data allow so, all travellers arriving in Greece, regardless of their country of origin, are no longer required to display a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19, or evidence of a negative test result from SARS-CoV-2 infection (PCR or Rapid Antigen test).

The COVID -19 certificate has been suspended for the period of May 1st up to August 31st . No need to show a certificate or a negative test to enter any area, except hospitals.

As of June 1st, mask-wearing is not mandatory at both indoor and outdoor settings apart from some exceptions: masks are still required when visiting healthcare facilities and using urban public transport (buses, trolleys, electronic railway, metro and tram).

Importantly, you should also check re-entry requirements prior to arranging travel.